Supporting Team-Based Work

In this article Esther Derby writes about improvements in the employee benefits system to foster team work and “dampen the race for rankings”.

The Scrum Master Manifesto

The manifesto has been created by ScrumMasters to help other ScrumMasters become better ScrumMasters.


Kanbanery is a great tool I recently discovered, to mange you professional and personal projects and daily chores. You can manage it real-time in-browser or via their iPhone and iPad-App. Love the concept and the UI!

The Real Reason We Estimate

Awesome article by Mike Cottmeyer about The Real Reason We Estimate.

Scrum Guide Updates

Gone are Release Planning and the Release Burndown,  Ralph Jocham and Henk Jan Huizer explain.

Joe’s Unofficial Scrum Checklist

Joe Little came up with his own version of a scrum checklist. Enjoy!

Scrum Lego City

In-depth manual with direct links to the resources and materials to teach people how agile “feels”.  Awesome!