Recently at the Scrum Day Germany

Ken Schwaber and I, discussing his new book

Scrum in 3D

This is new. After all the attempts to visualize the greater Scrum flow (with the one from Mountain Goat Software being my favorite so far), I just came across this Scrum Cycle in 3D by OneSpring!

Business and Pleasure

Textbook, coffe and cake

This weekend I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee with some apricot-cheesecake while reading up on some very interesting Scrum literature. If you’re comfortable with German you should go check it out!

Obey your Scrum Master

Goodbye present

Today, my last day with my current team, they surprised me with a very neat Geek-Shirt, featuring all team-members with their South Park avatar. Thank you guys, I love it!

Charles Montgomery Burns

Post It Burns

Can you tell who that is?