Scrum in 3D

This is new. After all the attempts to visualize the greater Scrum flow (with the one from Mountain Goat Software being my favorite so far), I just came across this Scrum Cycle in 3D by OneSpring!

Scrum Is Like Your Mother-In-Law

Give Engineers Room

If you have a great technical idea, you don’t have your V.P. send out a memo telling everybody to use it. Instead, you take it to your fellow engineers and convince them that it’s good. […] But it also means that the burden falls upon you to spread your idea. – Bharat Mediratta (software engineer at Google)

XP Days Germany 2011 – Community Day

Last day of this year’s edition of the XP Days Germany. As today was an Open Space and I followed the Law of the Two Feet I frequently changed sessions and therefore refrain from listing the attended sessions.

XP Days Germany 2011 – Day Two

My impressions from day 2 of the XP Days Germany in Karlsruhe. Attended sessions: SAP XP ?! – Lean and Agile Development at SAP by Jürgen Staader, Jürgen Heymann and Roland Keil Und nach dem Training einen agilen Coach bitte! by Fahd Al-Fatish and Jürgen Staader 7 Sünden im agilen Umfeld by Marc Löffler The Forgotten Customer by  Thomas Krause Das Taskboard mit Software Architektur […]