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Estimates are often not helpful.

People construe estimates as promises. No one can predict the future, but many people treat estimates as guarantees. Failed predictions fan blame. Trust and openness suffer.
Esther Derby

Scrum Is Like Your Mother-In-Law

Give Engineers Room

If you have a great technical idea, you don’t have your V.P. send out a memo telling everybody to use it. Instead, you take it to your fellow engineers and convince them that it’s good. […] But it also means that the burden falls upon you to spread your idea. – Bharat Mediratta (software engineer at Google)

Measuring Progress

Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight. — Bill Gates

A Real Velocity

A real velocity should accumulate zero […] technical debt and should be achieved at a sustainable pace. And it should be based on a strong definition of done. That the team actually follows. Joseph H. Little

Scrum Promotes Freedom

Scrum is designed to give teams the freedom necessary to unfold the talents of its members and let the joy of productive work emerge. — André Häusling

Trying To Become Agile

Trying to become agile without hard change is too much like drinking chocolate syrup from the bottle and expecting to lose weight. Mike Cohn