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An Open Letter to the Project Management Community

Think Different

An Open Letter to the Project Management Community

Occasioned by this discussion on LinkedIn, I wanted to write to Project Managers everywhere…

Dear All

Dear Project Managers everywhere,

I hear you have mixed views about the recent, er, “developments”, in the field of Software Development, commonly referred-to as “Agile Software Development practices”. I won’t call them “advances” as we may not be able to agree that they have, in fact, advanced anything. Incidentally, I share some of your likely skepticism on that front.

I am writing to you today to share some opinions and observations about the changes in train in the software development field, globally. Whilst patchy in their uptake, changes are afoot. I can relate to your professional concerns that we retain the best of what we have learned from decades of successful project management (this also, we have to admit, being very patchy, too).

Many who…

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Play4Agile – Saturday

After Olaf Lewitz commented on my first post on this year’s Play4Agile, not keeping up the daily recap is not option anymore.

So this morning started like I predicted yesterday. After a delicious breakfast, the day began with session presentations for the Open Space.

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Meeting Resources

Supporting Team-Based Work

In this article Esther Derby writes about improvements in the employee benefits system to foster team work and “dampen the race for rankings”.

The Scrum Master Manifesto

The manifesto has been created by ScrumMasters to help other ScrumMasters become better ScrumMasters.

Daily Scrum Advice

Scrum In PHP

Scrum PHP logo

When I first got excited about agile software development in general and Scrum in particular, I geekishly came up with a PHP class with the goal of creating a Scrum object with its methods and properties. It’s still is a work in progress, as it doesn’t consider any artifacts. I didn’t really document the code in terms of comments, as I just have been too lazy busy lately. I tried to make variables and method names as “speaking” as possible, though.

Let me know what you think about it and feel free to enhance it, document it or write child or parent classes! 🙂

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