Play4Agile – Saturday

After Olaf Lewitz commented on my first post on this year’s Play4Agile, not keeping up the daily recap is not option anymore.

So this morning started like I predicted yesterday. After a delicious breakfast, the day began with session presentations for the Open Space.

I attended the session held by Deborah Hartmann Preuss, where she explained the game Fearless Journey, they invented at Play4Agile last year. It was very interesting, as it may help teams to leverage the strategies explained in the book Fearless Change to overcome obstacles on the way to a set goal.

After Lunch, I went to Jason Ayers’ session, where we used Google Docs to collaboratively create a story, based on input Jason gave us every four minutes. This was really exciting, as we were impeded by slow internet access and constantly changing requirements for the story. Jason even added elements, where the two groups needed to communicate and work together, as one group was required to include content the other group produced. This was definitely a very fascinating session.

Next on the list for me was Mirror, Mirror, held bei Portia Tung. She introduced Agile Fairytales,  to learn more about others and yourself, and use this metaphor to improve on your relationship and people skills in general. Portia, if you read this, I hope I summarized it somewhat correctly. If not, please let me know in the comments! 🙂

Ilja Preuss asked the question, what it would takes to get managers to play games. This session was actually called off a couple minutes before it was supposed to start, but then somehow the right people showed up and the session started anyhow. Talk about Open Space laws! Meike Mertsch of it-agile even made a (very impressive) visual protocol of the session:

The last session for me this day was an intro to visual facilitation held by Nadine Hamann. She showed us the basics of drawing straight lines, forms and shapes. There were so many participants interested in this session, that Nadine actually promised to repeat the session the next day. Wow!

After dinner, the late night sessions commenced. People mostly played games and had fun trying out something new.

All together it was a very inspiring day, filled with information and conversations with interesting people. And now I’m tired. Looking forward to tomorrow, though!

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